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Have you visited the Flickr Blog?. You can read so many posts from Flickr sharing love, pride, or new features on Flickr; and see a lot of amazing pictures.

Here I knew about the censorship, an issue that has had the greatest reaction from the members; and the new languages. But I specially pay attention to the the sharing, there's a post about losing the grandfather, and I'd like to be remembered like that. I started to post my selfportraits daily on the 365 days group, I think it's very interesting to document your life through a camera, because we change everyday and being able to watch what have we doing in a whole year and the way we have change helps to know where we are now, and who we are. So if a have pictures since the day I was born, I'd like to close my selfportraits with my life's end, getting the peace and rest after a great life.

Again in the Flickr Blog, you can post your own entry and share an event you want to the Flickr Community.

I found very interesting to see some pictures from the Atlantis launch, and I loved this one , taken by ndaero, visit the stream for more pictures from the event

Knotted by ndaero

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