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The Flickr groups are getting a lot of attention from the users because being invited means the public recognition of our photo quality.

Anyway, a lot of good photographers are left behind by the flickr explore and you can see a lot of excellent photographies at some groups as Citrit, Flickr Diamond, Blue Ribbon Winner, Black and White Photo Award, Ysplix, Portrait Award Hall of Excellence, etc. But there's still the hidden desire to be part of the Flickr Explore no matter you could get as many invitations as groups you belong, because being in the Flickr Explore is like the ultimate recognition of you Photo "Interestingness", meaning every person browsing interesting photos at flickr could get to your picture, so you would get a lot more exposition than only being part of the groups.

To me being part of the Flickr Explore makes me feel a little proud, but because one of my friends at Flickr showed me you should work to get the place, you must have a very good picture first, and then make a lot of heavy work showing what you got in your stream.

Of course, is not as simple as getting a good picture and showing it to everybody on your contacts, you have to participate on your groups, the hardest is to be in the pool, the greatest groups you belong more hits you'll get. Oh yes, because you have some kind of ranking on Flickr, and everybody else, so when they comment your work, you are getting points to get a better place in the rank, so, it's not the same when somebody with 100 pics on the explore makes one of your photos favorite than when some user without pics comments a lot your stream. So you need the big ones on your stream.

This is hard, a great photographer won't come to your site to browse all your work to pick up one and makes it favorite, you have to select very carefully what they will see to make him believe you have the quality to be in his favorites, so you have to do a very select set of your best pictures, and put it in the most attractive place, making sure everyone who visit your site will see what you think deserves to be seen.

And how do you get them there?
Asking for invitations on your groups, the most you get, the most recognition you will have, and when all this factors (hits on your picture, comments, tags, invitations, Exposure!) are combined, you are one step away from the Flickr Explore, so you can say, I'm there, so, you can believe I have some good pictures, take a look!.

You must have a serious aspect too, your buddy icon must say what you are doing, serious pictures; and of course, none of these rules are stricly to be followed by everyone, and if you get a pretty face to post some great pictures, you could get a lot of attencion, we all love beauty, so it will help you a lot to get regular hits on your site.

But beauty is not only a pretty face, you could get some beautiful sunrises or sunsets, with cloudy skies, flowers (the close ups work very good), landscapes, etc. You need to see the beauty and capture it with your camera, then just post your photo on some key groups and you are done, you can push your work into the fame on the Flickr Explore.



these are two of my most interesting photos acording to flickr, but they are not in the explore

big news, I got some pics on the Flickr Explore, see them here

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