Flickr Slide Show III

Looking for new options I found this one, it's the same slide show from the first suggestion, but here you can have the code and some different options to publish your slide show.

First you must get the address from the group, user or set you want to show, you have the option to filter the pics you want to use by tags or by full text string (on user or group), and then you can choose the size in pixels of your slide show (this was made with default 500x500 pixels) and you have the option to make a Standards Compliance Mode1, see the preview and display the user's favorite photos.

You can use this great tool at flickrslidr.com

here is the example:


Created with Paul's flickrSLiDR.
1 Standards Compliance Mode makes use of an object element instead of an iframe. However, it is not Internet Explorer friendly although there are tweaks to get it to work if you're truly interested.

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