Flickr Slide Show II

I was looking for some options to post a slide show from your Flickr pics on your blog and I give you two options, both are very easy:

  1. Blogger Templates has a post where you can get the code and post it directly to your blogger account, last entry was made this way, I like it except for not knowing what is exactly being posted, I couldn't edit the html code, so i can't us it on several places, but it works just fine.
  2. Slide.com has the option to make and slide show from different sites, including flickr, or your own files, I like it beacuse is simple, versatile, and you get the code to post it everywhere, and you can choose between a lot of layouts for your slide show.
    The one I used for this entry is called 8mm


  1. hey hey!
    oye me gustó mcuho éste efecto que le has puesto al slide para mostrar tus fotos, el que las hace aparecer con las lineas verticales y os puntitos; como si se tratara de una proyección de una película al viejo estilo :), en cada fotografía me imagino una historia nueva.

    Super buenas tus fotografias, me encanta la del mendigo leyendo.


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