Useful scripts for Flick users

When I began to use Flickr I was using the Opera browser, as an alternative to the Microsoft Internet Explorer, and I started to wonder where come from the comments referrer on the Flickr photos. Actually the answer was in the comment, and I discovered the Greasemonkey extension for the Mozilla Firefox.

I already had installed Firefox on my computer, and it was very simple to download and install the new extension (because somebody asked me to do that). But Greasemonkey is only the motor for the big list of scripts you can use with.

For the add referrer into comments you have to download the script in a very simple process and install it, then use it.

But I discovered a lot of useful scripts for Flickr, such as:

There are a lot more great greasemonkey scripts, so I suggest to visit the list and see what you could use.

do you want to know more? visit the wikipedia! articules:
greasemonkey, script, opera, firefox, flickr, internet explorer

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