racism in denmark, who will stand by this time?

I found this picture at Flickr, and I think it is very important to read

I quote the whole caption in tue picture:

from an article in yesterday's newspaper - about hate mail and racist leaflets that are being handed out, unchallenged, in northern denmark.

they are being given to "foreigners" and are produced by the nazi party of denmark. the headline says "a free denmark."

who will stand by this time and not say a word?

the racism in this country simply gets worse and worse, while the so-called 'creative class' doesn't want to be bothered with these kind of unpleasantries.

i have been saying this to my friends for years now, that things here continue to get worse, and while the evidence builds, so does the complacency.

it's bullshit.

the racism has become institutionalized and a part of our everyday culture: as it continues to grow, unchallenged, the messages have become an accepted part of our discourse - the message becomes normalized and we begin to believe that there is a truth in what is being expressed.

it's a con, pure and simple, a ruse, a distraction, a way to make scapegoats out of people who live in this country.

i'm married to a foreigner and i have become a foreigner since moving back to denmark.

this isn't the denmark that i moved back to, and this isn't the denmark that i told my wife about.

these danes shouldn't be allowed to speak for all of us.

but they are, and they will continue to do so until they are challenged and disarmed. they can be disarmed with words and deeds - not violence. there is an alternative.

and it's not just the nazi's that i'm talking about - it's the advertisers, the politicians, the every day people who use racist rhetoric in order to gain an advantage. it shouldn't be this way.

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