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I've been on Flickr from 2003, and I love the site, I mean, Flickr loves its members and we love the site, and thinking that Microsoft could join it to its properties make me think that we all could lose a great spot for sharing pieces of our lives, because, beyond sharing pictures, we are sharing an intimate glance to our life through showing to our friends what are we seeing, and I guess if Microsoft becomes the owner, we could still post photos, but I don't like the idea of having a site like Flickr Live or something...

I guess it's the freedom we could lose with this operation, but we all lived a similar situation before when Yahoo bought Flickr, similar but totally different, because Yahoo hasn't the same ideas about the users, we know Microsoft makes life harder to those who don't like windows, like preventing the linux users to get into hotmail, and we all get into flickr from so many different OS and points of view, I can't get into the idea of getting a service focused on windows users...

However, I think we all should do something, and of course, we could express we are dissapointed with the perspective, like sharing pics on the group that titles this post, but we all could turn into services from several companies.

Example, use Gmail, yahoo mail; use another browser like firefox, opera, safari, switch from live messenger to Gtalk, skype, icq, yahoo messenger, blog in blogger, wordpress or whatever you like, but avoid to put all in hands of Microsoft. Do you need to make documents? use Google Documents, there are multiples choices web-based for everything you need, and using these services contributes to make the web easier for everyone, because they develop for the user, not for the operative system or for the captive customer. It's like using the Encarta, why should you buy an encyclopedia when you could use Wikipedia? We make the web every day, through our actions we determine how it will grow, go for the freedom path.

Do your part, defend Flickr and you right to choice, don't go for your integrated services in windows, search the web with altavista, google, yahoo, or whatever you like, but the integrated search engine with IExplorer.

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  1. Si, estoy de acuerdo con eso. Ya es suficientemente grande el imperio de Microsoft, además ofrecen mucho mejores servicios gmail, blogger, firefox, etcétera., que los que ofrecen las compañías que han sido tomadas por Microsoft.

    En fin, me agrada esa idea de optar por las otras opciones.


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